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Event Secretariat Services

Event management is a rewarding experience but at the same time exhausting, trying to juggle your own roles and responsibilities and the day to day administration within the limited time available can be a challenge. Let us share your burden.

What we can do for YOU:


–       Creation and blasting of invites/EDMs to delegates. Update client on EDM blast status.

–       Develop, host and maintain website for online registration/event website.

–       Monitoring, collating and reporting of registration data.

–       Working with hotels on room blocks/reservations and any other related requirements.

–       Answering enquiries from delegates with regards to registration matters and general event information.

–       Follow up with delegates for missing registration information.

–       Arrange for transfers and coordination with transfer companies..

–       Send Confirmation Notes to delegates to confirm registration information.

–       Preparation of Welcome Letters and Departure Notices.

–       Preparation of event badges, lanyards and welcome pack.

–       Hold conference calls/meetings with hotels/transfer companies to ensure that they are updated with the changes and understand the requirements.

–       Hiring of part-timers for pre-event/on-site support.


–       Managing the registration desk and distribution of event badges, lanyards, welcome pack, Welcome Letters and Departure Notices.

–       Confirming with delegates the departure details and transfer requirement with the Departure Notices.

–       Arrange for transfers and on-site coordination with transfer companies for arrival/departure transfers and transfers to various event venues.

–       Working with the hotel for room occupancy status updates and submit daily report to client.

–       Managing the part-timers for on-site support.


–       Sound, Light and Video: technical consultation, equipment rental and set-up and on-site technical support.

–       Props: technical consultation, props design, production and set-up and on-site technical support.

–       Transfer Services: network of transfer companies in various countries.

–       Corporate Gifts: customized corporate gifts and awards.

–       Insurance: arrange for event insurance.

–       Develop, host and maintain website for post-event evaluation.

–       Monitoring, collating and reporting of post-event evaluation data.


We have handled events of various sizes and durations, ranging from 30 pax CEO level 3-days workshop to 1,200 pax sales kickoff to 2,400 pax product launch for channel partners.

We have handled events held in the following cities:

1)     Ajman, United Arab Emirates

2)     Bali, Indonesia

3)     Bangkok, Thailand

4)     Beijing, China

5)     Boston, USA

6)     Colombo, Sri Lanka

7)     Danang, Vietnam

8)     Hanoi, Vietnam

9)     Hawaii, USA

8)     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

10)   Macau, China

11)   Pattaya, Thailand

12)   Phuket, Thailand

13)   Osaka, Japan

14)   Sanya, China

15)   Seoul, Korea

16)   Shanghai, China

17)   Siem Reap, Cambodia

18)   Singapore, Singapore

19)   Sydney, Australia

20)  Taipei, Taiwan


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