2013! Starting off with 2 events!

First event of the year: 300 pax event in SIngapore, another event with bar code registration.

Second event of the year: 280 pax event in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Looking forward to February: beginning of a 650 pax event in early March in Bangkok.

Wrapping up 2012!

Have not been updating and here we go! The events that wrap up the remaining of 2012:

Jun – 400 pax event in Singapore.

Aug – 500 pax event in Singapore

Oct – Two 200 pax events in Singapore

– 30 pax event in Ajman, UAE

Nov – 500 pax event in Singapore

Dec – 300 pax event in Singapore

That basically wraps up the year 2012.

November we had our first event that utilised bar code registration and it marks a new addition to our services: bar code registration.

Looking forward to a better 2013!!!