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Wrap up 2013

July and August are down time for me which is timely for me to spend time with my wife and our newborn in July. It also gave me some time to take a break from work, have some rest and ready for a final sprint in the last quarter.

September is when the craze starts again.

Back to back events:

A 200 pax conference in Shanghai follow by a 800 pax conference in Macau.

Macau is a new venue and new experience. We have also included a smart phone app for the registration and conference updates/management.

Another C-level incentive trip cum conference in Singapore during the F1 period for 60 pax.


260 pax conference in Singapore.


230 pax conference in Bangkok

150 pax conference in Singapore.


A Christmas celebration event for the entire December but I am only providing manpower onsite.


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