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It is year 2015 and I am looking forward to a better year with a good start!

February: 1 event

2400 pax conference in Bangkok. It is actually 4 back to back conferences with 600 pax each. Building up my team of 4 and our very first event together in one location. A good 2 weeks of hard work and bonding for the team.

March: 1 event

1000 pax conference in Sanya, China. Introduction to a new mobile app. New experience and definitely helpful when I develop my own.

April: 1 event

250 pax dinner for pre-launch of new building and 2500 pax guided tour in new building.

May: 2 events

800 pax conference in Singapore. NFC is used for the registration and glad to work with this vendor again.

200 pax conference and Gala Dinner in Singapore.

June 2 events:

600 pax conference and Gala Dinner in Singapore

200 pax conference in Seoul (postponed due to MERS situation).


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