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Updates to wrap up 2014

A crazy year ended in 2014.

May: 4 events

650 pax conference in KL.

1000 pax RSVP management for an event in Houston.

150 pax conference in Shanghai.

300 pax C-level conference in Singapore.

June: 1 event

60 pax incentive trip in Bali.

August: 2 events

200 pax conference in Sydney

450 pax conference in Singapore

September: 2 events

150 pax conference in Singapore, event registration, flight bookings and hotel reservations all done in 3 weeks.

60 pax confernce plus incentive trip during F1 in Singapore.

300 pax ship launch event in Singapore.

October: 2 events

300 pax facility launch with security clearance in Singapore.

100 pax C-level conference in Seoul.

November: 4 events

2 back to back events with total 450 pax in Singapore

300 pax conference in Bangkok.

150 pax conference in Singapore.

This wrapped up 2014!


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