Wrapping up 2015

1 more event to go in December and it is back at home!

Now, I have added 2 new locations in Hanoi and Taiwan: a 350 pax conference in Taipei and 450 pax in Hanoi. Great experience learning new culture and meeting new people. Another great reward is the establishment of a good DMC in Taipei.

August: 3 events

2 in Singapore, 1 for 250 pax and 1 for 300 pax.

1 in Bali for 70 pax.

September: 2 events

350 pax in Taipei.

400 pax in Beijing, great to catch up with old friends from Beijing DMC.

October:  2 events

150 pax event in Singapore.

200 pax event in Bali, again.

November: 1 event

450 pax event in Hanoi.

December: 2 events

Both in Singapore. 1 for 120 pax and the other 150 pax.

Lastly, glad to receive another encouraging note from the delegate during the Beijing event.


Complimentary email 2