A summary for 2016

Here is the summary for 2016.

Been a bit lazy with the updates and I got to apologise for that.

A new house and a new baby on the way is really taking up quite a bit of my time.

16 events done in 2016.

Cities that we left our footprints:




Siam Reap

Kuala Lumpur





Of all the cities above, Hanoi, Hawaii, Danang and Osaka are new experience for us and we are looking forward to 3 more events in Danang in 2017.


Wrapping up 2015

1 more event to go in December and it is back at home!

Now, I have added 2 new locations in Hanoi and Taiwan: a 350 pax conference in Taipei and 450 pax in Hanoi. Great experience learning new culture and meeting new people. Another great reward is the establishment of a good DMC in Taipei.

August: 3 events

2 in Singapore, 1 for 250 pax and 1 for 300 pax.

1 in Bali for 70 pax.

September: 2 events

350 pax in Taipei.

400 pax in Beijing, great to catch up with old friends from Beijing DMC.

October:  2 events

150 pax event in Singapore.

200 pax event in Bali, again.

November: 1 event

450 pax event in Hanoi.

December: 2 events

Both in Singapore. 1 for 120 pax and the other 150 pax.

Lastly, glad to receive another encouraging note from the delegate during the Beijing event.


Complimentary email 2


It is year 2015 and I am looking forward to a better year with a good start!

February: 1 event

2400 pax conference in Bangkok. It is actually 4 back to back conferences with 600 pax each. Building up my team of 4 and our very first event together in one location. A good 2 weeks of hard work and bonding for the team.

March: 1 event

1000 pax conference in Sanya, China. Introduction to a new mobile app. New experience and definitely helpful when I develop my own.

April: 1 event

250 pax dinner for pre-launch of new building and 2500 pax guided tour in new building.

May: 2 events

800 pax conference in Singapore. NFC is used for the registration and glad to work with this vendor again.

200 pax conference and Gala Dinner in Singapore.

June 2 events:

600 pax conference and Gala Dinner in Singapore

200 pax conference in Seoul (postponed due to MERS situation).

Updates to wrap up 2014

A crazy year ended in 2014.

May: 4 events

650 pax conference in KL.

1000 pax RSVP management for an event in Houston.

150 pax conference in Shanghai.

300 pax C-level conference in Singapore.

June: 1 event

60 pax incentive trip in Bali.

August: 2 events

200 pax conference in Sydney

450 pax conference in Singapore

September: 2 events

150 pax conference in Singapore, event registration, flight bookings and hotel reservations all done in 3 weeks.

60 pax confernce plus incentive trip during F1 in Singapore.

300 pax ship launch event in Singapore.

October: 2 events

300 pax facility launch with security clearance in Singapore.

100 pax C-level conference in Seoul.

November: 4 events

2 back to back events with total 450 pax in Singapore

300 pax conference in Bangkok.

150 pax conference in Singapore.

This wrapped up 2014!

Wrap up 2013

July and August are down time for me which is timely for me to spend time with my wife and our newborn in July. It also gave me some time to take a break from work, have some rest and ready for a final sprint in the last quarter.

September is when the craze starts again.

Back to back events:

A 200 pax conference in Shanghai follow by a 800 pax conference in Macau.

Macau is a new venue and new experience. We have also included a smart phone app for the registration and conference updates/management.

Another C-level incentive trip cum conference in Singapore during the F1 period for 60 pax.


260 pax conference in Singapore.


230 pax conference in Bangkok

150 pax conference in Singapore.


A Christmas celebration event for the entire December but I am only providing manpower onsite.

Update on events from Mar to Jun

Went back to the Land of Smiles twice in 2 months.

Mar: 650 pax event in Bangkok. It is 2 back to back events that lasted 10 days.

Apr: 550 pax event in Bangkok. Held in 3 hotels and transfer arrangement is a challenge when one of the hotels is across the river.

May: 70 pax C-level conference followed by a 350 pax networking cocktail in Singapore.

Jun: Siem Reap! Going for a 60 pax partners incentive trip in Siem Reap. Looking forward to my first trip to Cambodia.